CBZ's Special Exclusive Coloring Books

Coloring Book Zone has created special coloring books that are designed to delight and intrigue colorists everywhere. We have all kinds of adult coloring books - florals, mandalas, animals, geometrics, simple designs, medium designs, extreme designs, nostalgic designs - if you want it, we have it...

When we first started making our own exclusive CBZ coloring books, we decided we wanted to fix all the things we DIDN'T like about the adult coloring books on the market:

  • You have to hold the book open with one arm in order to color.
  • If you are left-handed, you have to color the images upside down.
  • The pages in many coloring books are double sided and the paper is so thin which is problematic if you use markers.
  • It is difficult to color on the go because you need a flat surface to hold the book open.

Based on the challenges listed above, we chose a new approach:  Our books are spiral bound along the top so it is easy to fold back the pages and color. This also helps our left-handed colorists.  The images are printed on heavy stock with a chipboard backing making it very easy to color on the go.  We also added a perforated blotter page that you can put behind the page you are coloring in case your markers are alcohol-based.

We hope you like coloring in these books - we certainly love them!

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