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Coloring/Activity Book for Elementary Students with Learning Differences

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Coloring may sound like a simple activity to ward off boredom, but for young students with learning differences it can actually improve health by engaging the mind and sharpening fine motor skills and mental acuity.

  • Coloring a mandala (a circle design with geometric patterns) before a group activity has been shown* to increase an individual's attention span and decrease impulsive behavior, promoting better decision-making and focus.
  • Another study* that paired academic assistance with weekly art therapy sessions found that the addition of art therapy contributed positively to the social-emotional adjustment of children with learning disabilities.
  • Coloring allows the mind to release worries and thoughts while concentrating on the coloring page.
  • It improves both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Each book consists of 65 coloring pages and activities specifically designed to help with:

  • Differentiating Ps, Ds, Qs and Bs
  • Recognizing differences between pictures
  • Putting together multi-syllable words
  • Finding words in the same family
  • Practicing descenders

The books lie flat for easy coloring and are spiral-bound along the top so they are ideal for both right-handed and left-handed colorists.

* ADDitude Magazine: Art Therapy: Controlling Symptoms with Creativity.