Four Things We Didn’t Love About Coloring Books (and Why We Reinvented Them)

When we first started coloring, Alexis and I were hesitant.  At first we didn’t get it.  Coloring for adults?  Seriously?  But we picked up the coloring books and began coloring for separate reasons.  Alexis was recovering from rotator cuff and coloring helped me deal with the loss of my mother.  In fact, it turned out to be a great hobby for both of us.

One day, we sat down and talked about today’s coloring books.  There were four things that bothered us with the typical coloring books on the market today. 

  1. Most coloring books are bound so that you have to hold them open with one arm while you color. This is kind of a pain in the butt (well, a pain in the arm, but you get the gist).  Also, this type of binding made it very hard for left-handers to color.
  2. Sometimes the paper wasn’t very thick so you would ruin the next image (or two) because the markers would bleed through the page.
  3. When images were printed on both sides of the page, you couldn’t tear out a picture if you really liked it.
  4. If you pulled out a page to color on the go, you had to bring a clipboard or something along so that you could color the page. Very inconvenient.  Try putting a clipboard and markers in a purse and you’ll see what I mean.

With this list in front of us, we decided to reinvent how coloring books were made, so we created our own coloring book series that took away the problems listed above.  The series Live Your Life in Color, has 11 volumes and each book is made to ensure that our customers have the best coloring experience.  Let me explain:

  • The books are spiral bound along the top so that it lies flat as you color. It doesn’t matter if you are right or left-handed.
  • The paper is very thick to prevent bleed-through and we have included a perforated tear-out blotter page to put behind whatever page you are coloring – plus if you are using permanent markers.
  • Images are printed on only one side of the page and because of the spiral binding, they are easy to tear out for framing.
  • Each book has a thick chipboard backing so you can take it anywhere and color wherever you are – no clipboard needed!.

Putting together our Live Your Life in Color series has been a wonderful journey.  We love them and we hope you do too!  Click here to see for yourself.

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And if you've never had the pleasure of binding 100 copies of a coloring book, you can see the latest Coloring Book Zone binding party that we held with Mary, Alexis, David & Ted.