About Coloring Book Zone

We are just like you…Grown-ups who are busy and stressed at times. We are constantly juggling all of the responsibilities we have to our families, our work, our spouses, our friends…the list goes on and on.

But in recent years, we have discovered a surprisingly effective way to reduce the stress and increase our optimism and hope…coloring…

And we have introduced many friends and family, especially those struggling with health issues, grief and loss or elderly relatives who needed something to fill their time. It has been gratifying to see how these gifts to our loved ones have made a difference and that is why we started Coloring Book Zone. We wanted to give people a place they could come to find high-quality, hand-curated coloring books (no blurry pixelated designs here) and where they could buy packages specially designed and customized for different people:

  • People dealing with grief and loss
  • Chemo patients and others facing significant health challenges
  • People suffering from anxiety and depression
  • Elderly and homebound people

Meet the Founders:

Mary Huffman -- Mary is a busy mom, former PTO President, professional and anxiety sufferer. All her life, she has struggled with anxiety and depression and has reached out to a variety of solutions some of which were more effective than others. In 2016, both Mary’s beloved mother and wonderful father-in-law passed away suddenly. Mary found hope when she discovered a mandala coloring book among her mother’s belongings. Coloring those precious pages soothed her, made her feel connected to her mom and put her on a journey to emotional recovery.

In 2018 Mary passed away from the effects of ALS, surrounded by her two children, her loving husband Ted, and close family and friends.  Ted continues the business in her honor.



Alexis Lake -- At first, Alexis thought the concept of adult coloring was silly. After a recent injury where she was stuck in bed for several weeks, her sister (an artist) bought her an adult coloring book.   Although she had tons of books to read on her Kindle, numerous TV shows in the DVR, she finally picked up the book and began to color her first page. After that she was hooked. Some would say obsessed. But it is an obsession that has improved her life…



 Thanks for reading!



You can reach us with any questions: sales@coloringbookzone.com
or by mail at:
Coloring Book Zone
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