How to relax with a coloring book

Coloring is an excellent way to manage anxiety and stress.

For adults, coloring has recently become a popular "therapy" because it has been shown to improve mood and lower blood pressure.

Whether you are looking for a distraction or time to think, these benefits help manage your feelings about the world around you. For some people , coloring has become a form of relaxation or meditation.

Coloring can help you get in touch with your creativity and imagination, while also providing structure to calm your mind. Because it is enjoyable, it can be therapeutic without forcing you into an unfamiliar situation that may only bring anxiety. This makes coloring perfect for if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed in your normal life.

In fact, coloring books that were originally marketed to children have begun being adapted for adults because of the benefits that have been observed in this population. Many adults use either adult-oriented coloring books or they color in a child's coloring book.

There is a wide range of free printable pages available online and it's easy to start coloring.

All you need is a pencil and colored pencils, crayons or markers — whichever you prefer — and a quiet place to color that won't be disrupted by the demands of everyday life. Within this setting, it's possible to turn off your phone and just let go for a while! Coloring can reduce the negative impacts of stress and anxiety, which is a benefit everyone can enjoy.

Coloring for adults has been shown to be effective in mental health situations including:

- Anxiety and Panic Attacks

- Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad)

- Mood disorders


- Autism spectrum disorder

It's time to pick up that pencil!