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Nostalgic Designs for Adults Who Color - Live Your Life in Color Series

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Welcome to Coloring Book Zone’s Live Your Life in Color Series – Nostalgic Designs for Adults Who Color.  This book is a collection of specially selected illustrations and motivational messages geared towards those who feel nostalgic for the past.  This book is designed to bring you comfort, hope and happiness.

A research study found that adults 65 and older who engaged in creative activities had better overall health, made fewer visits to the doctor, used less medication, and had fewer medical problems.  Life can be hard sometimes, and coloring is a wonderful way to calm down, relax and center yourself again. 

Another study found that coloring helped reduce agitation and aggression for people suffering from dementia as it is very distracting, without being stressful.  In fact, other scientific studies have shown that coloring for adults has much the same effect as meditation does.  Coloring, like meditation, allows you to switch off your brain from other thoughts and focus on the moment – which can be very satisfying for someone with dementia.

We hope that this book will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 39 pages
  • Spiral bound along the top so pages lay flat and you don’t have to hold the book open
  • Extra heavy paper to prevent bleed through
  • A free tear-out blotter page to put behind the page you are coloring in case you are using artist markers
  • A cardboard backing to make coloring on the go easy.
  • ISBN-13:978-0-9975048-4-2