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Health Challenges Coloring Book - Simple to Medium Designs

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Welcome to Coloring Book Zone’s 21st volume of our wildly popular Live Your Life in Color Series.  This latest volume, “Color and Be Healthy – Easy to Medium Designs,” contains a collection of hand selected illustrations and messages designed to remind us to find the positive in life even when we are facing health challenges.


When Mary, one of CBZ’s co-founders, started facing health issues and became wheelchair-bound, she realized that when you are dealing with these types of problems, you can get very depressed and lose hope about the future.  She and Alexis created this book with inspirational messages to help people who are battling disabilities and illnesses. 

Our books are different from other coloring books to make coloring a better experience:

  • Our books are spiral bound along the top so it is easy to fold back the pages and color. This also helps our left-handed colorists. 
  • The images are printed on heavy stock with a chipboard backing making it very easy to color on the go. 
  • We also added a perforated blotter page that you can put behind the page you are coloring in case your markers are alcohol-based.

We hope that this book will provide you with hours of enjoyment and that the messages we’ve provided will resonate with you.