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Coloring/Activity Book for Elementary Students with Dyslexia - Pack with Special Grip Markers or Pencils

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Coloring may sound like a simple activity to ward off boredom, but for kids with learning differences it can actually improve health by engaging the mind and sharpening fine motor skills and mental acuity.  Research supports coloring activities for children with learning differences*:

  • Coloring a mandala (a circle design with geometric patterns) before a group activity has been shown to increase an individual's attention span and decrease impulsive behavior, promoting better decision-making and focus.
  • A study that paired academic assistance with weekly art therapy sessions found that the addition of art therapy contributed positively to the social-emotional adjustment of children with learning disabilities.
  • Coloring allows the mind to release worries which allows the student to concentrate on the coloring page.

Working with the IDA, Dyslexia consultants and experts around the country, we developed this coloring and activity book to help children focus in class and build their skills in the following areas:

  • Honing their attention to detail
  • Learning homophones
  • Practicing syllable division
  • Reviewing the placement of descenders
  • Recognizing when words are from the same word family

Each book consists of 65 pages designed to help build different skills in children with learning differences.  There is an answer key at the back of the book for your convenience.

In this Product Pack, you get our special Live Your Life in Color activity book for elementary school children along with a 12-pack of colored pencils or markers that are easy to grip.

* ADDitude Magazine: Art Therapy: Controlling Symptoms with Creativity