How Are Our Exclusive Coloring Books Made?

As you found out when we went into detail on why our coloring books are so unique, it's obvious that we treat each coloring book we make for a customer as a stand-alone labor of love.

Every book is made by hand, here in the United States by Mary and Alexis and their families.  Just as each CBZ exclusive coloring book reflects our outlook, we take that same approach to how we build each order customized for you. We work with a local printer to print our coloring books on-demand and based specifically on what you have requested.  Many of our coloring books are sent with a hand-written note from Mary or Alexis thanking you personally for the order.  We also include a special discount code for your next order as another way of thanking you. Many of our exclusive coloring books allow you to customize the title or dedication, or customize the messaging in the books to make it specific and built just-for-you.

We know that in buying coloring books online, there is a strong temptation to look just at the price.  But we feel like when the small boutique shop goes the extra mile, and truly customizes your order just for you, you can feel the difference.  Whether you are ordering a Creative Cats coloring book that you can find just about anywhere, or one of our therapeutic books that we designed with the International Dyslexia Association to help students struggling with dyslexia and other related conditions.  No matter what you order or how big it might be, each order is important to you. And we want to show you the same level of dedication and craftsmanship in return.  

That's because we designed these books and customized inspirational messaging for friends of ours who were struggling through painful chemotherapy treatments, or going through their own hard times.  We know that while it may be just a coloring book, often times it is so much more.  

  • It's a gift of celebration to a new mother to be.  
  • It's a warm hand extended out to a sister in crisis.
  • It's a token and extension of appreciation and love.  

For us, going the extra mile and creating a one-of-a-kind coloring book experience is worth it. That's why we pay as much attention to how it's made as we do to what goes into your coloring book.

Our books aren't the cheapest, and we definitely don't make them for mass production. But after trial and error, we think that we've finally found the perfect combination of qualities to make coloring easier, more relaxing, and less of a mess!  

We hope you agree.  But if you have your own thoughts about what makes a coloring book best for you, please let Mary & Alexis know by dropping us a line at


 Thanks for reading!